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This "course" is actually a link to all the documents needed for registration and family directory for the current year. Each tutor and student has a link to this course. You can sign in as a guest with User Name: Guest, password: Guest16!

Once signed in, you can download and print all forms needed. You can also follow the link to see a complete book list for each class.

Algebra 2 and Trigonometry course using Algebra 2 published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, ISBN 9780030700446.

Students will also need at graphing calculator TI83 or TI84, graph paper, colored pencils, straight edge, mechanical pencils and well organized notebook.  Access to the internet on a daily basis is a necessity.

Geometry course using Geometry (with introductory Trigonometry), by Holt, Rinehart and Winston 2004 edition ISBN: 0-03-070052-3.  Books may be purchased from Abebooks.com here: http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?isbn=9780030700521&sts=t.  

Students will also need a TI83 or TI84 graphing calculator, protractor, compass with rigid wheel, straight edge, graph paper, and colored pencils.

Algebra 1 course using AMSCO Algebra 1 textbook ISBN 9781567655759. Can be ordered through www.amscopub.com. The answer key will be available online through this moodle site.

Junior World Regional Geography

Instructor: Christine Schaeffer


Description: This course will cover two semesters plus participation in an individual geography project and participation in the National Geographic’s School Level Geography Bee. The course will walk the students around the approximately 200 nations of the world using a regional approach and heavily relying on the Five Themes of Geography (Location, Place, Human Environment & Interaction, Movement and Region). Each class will use current events to tie into the region being studied and the cement the information into the memory of the student. 2-4 weeks will be spent on each continent/region.


Expectations: Each student is expected to prepare for each class, arrive promptly, and treat the tutor and his/her fellow students with the utmost of respect.  Note taking is expected and will be rewarded by a far higher score than those who do not take careful notes. There will be several quizzes on geography terms and maps.


Texts will include: The Geography Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit(3rd Edition), Smithsonian’s Earth (1st edition, 2003). In addition to these four books I would like each student to have a current atlas – these are available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


Materials: Each student will be required to have the following supplies: a loose leaf notebook with sections, writing tools, and have access to a computer and the Internet. I rely heavily on email communication and expect my students to have access to the internet for research.


Internet & Multimedia: I will be accessing Google Earth and other Geography Teaching internet sites during class on my laptop. This is essential to showing the students the information pertinent to the various areas of study in geography. 


Communication: The best way to contact me is by email. My home phone number is: 301-352-4188, and my email is chrisschaeffer2005@gmail.com . I am on Facebook and can also be reached via cell phone at 301-873-7464 in emergencies. 


Requirements: Internet access, library access, and an ability to read the assigned materials  in time for each class. Please contact the teacher if you have questions about whether the student will be able to keep up. You must keep up with the Geography Coloring Book in order to get the most out of the class.


Quiz &Test Policies: I expect the students to prepare for their assignments EACH WEEK. I tell the students when the quizzes are and expect them to be prepared. They are given at the beginning of class. This means that if the student is late he or she will have less time to take the quiz.


Assignments: Assignments are due each week. If they are turned in late then they are 10% off for the first week late, 20% off for the 2nd week and will not be accepted after that point. The Current Event Worksheet is ESSENTIAL to the course. This means your student should be allowed to watch the news or look online for current event several days before the class. I recommend the BBC World News, though it can be a bit harsher than American news channels.


Geography Bee – I require that my students participate in the National Geographic’s School Level Geography Bee. They will be in the same group as other homeschooled students in the area. The Bee will be done in the first or second week of December. The winner will then be able to sit for the written exam to see if he/she can advance to the State Level Be in April of the next year.


Project – Each student will complete an individual geography project. This will entail interviewing a recent immigrant to the USA using a set of questions I will provide. Then they will research details on the country where the immigrant is from and will present their findings to the fellow students in a visual format. This presentation will take place during the second semester.



Christine Schaeffer

Welcome to Critical Thinking.

Please make sure to read the linked file and email me your answers by September 3rd. Feel free to email me any questions you have about the course as well, and I'll post more as I work through the plan.  Looking forward to a great year.